Our mission is your well-being.In the fast-paced world we inhabit, constantly under pressure, it's vital to find moments of relaxation, ideally accessible from the comfort of our own homes. Saunas offer not just a respite for our muscles and minds, but also boast significant health benefits. Paired with an invigorating ice bath, it's the ideal addition to your daily rituals, whether morning or evening. This is why we're dedicated to the sauna business – to make a tangible difference in people's lives.
This is us: Mario & Magda

With over two decades of expertise in the sauna industry, our founder has honed his craft across Europe, constructing saunas in Poland, Germany, Belgium, and Sweden. Having catered to discerning European clientele renowned for their exacting standards, the dedication to quality and meticulous attention to detail he brings from his prior experiences continues to elevate Saunas of the World in the Australian market.

Having dedicated 20 years to Supply Chain Management within some of the world's largest and most prestigious corporations, she traversed the globe, serving clients on nearly every continent. Driven by a desire to channel her extensive skills and experience into a more personal endeavour, she made the bold decision to transition from her corporate career to join forces with her husband in nurturing a small business venture.

We're proud to have a small yet highly skilled team of installers working alongside us, dedicated to ensuring our clients' satisfaction.